VAXIMM is a privately held, clinical stage, Swiss/German biotech company developing oral T-cell immunotherapies for patients suffering from cancer.

VAXIMM’s product platform is based on a live attenuated, safe, orally available bacterial vaccine strain, which is modified to stimulate patients’ cytotoxic T-cells to target specific structures of the tumor and it can be readily adapted to target a wide range of cancer-related antigens.

The Company has a pipeline of complementary development candidates targeting different tumor structures.

Lead product candidate, oral VXM01, activates killer cells targeting tumor-specific vasculature and certain immune-suppressive cells, thereby increasing immune cell infiltration in solid tumors. VXM01 is currently in clinical development for several tumor types, including brain cancer.

VAXIMM has completed a clinical trial evaluating VXM01 in combination with the human anti-PD-L1 antibody, avelumab, as part of a scientific collaboration with Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

The Company also has entered into a collaboration agreement with China Medical System Holdings (CMS), granting CMS full rights in China and other Asian countries (excluding Japan) to VAXIMM’s existing programs.

VAXIMM AG is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland.  Its wholly owned subsidiary, VAXIMM GmbH, located in Mannheim, Germany, is responsible for the Company’s development activities.

In November 2022, all shares of VAXIMM AG were sold to BCM Europe AG, Zug, Switzerland.

Management Team

Ralf Kubli
Managing Director of Vaximm GmbH

Board of Directors of VAXIMM AG

Peter Hwang
Chairman of the Board
Ralf Kubli
Board Member